eraw2021 Use a coupon to join the conference

ERAW 2021: Access Instructions

The following steps show how to register for the ERAW 2021 event using the coupon that you have received to pay for your ticket.

Step 1) Go to
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If you already have an account, select Log In and skip to Step 3

If you are new to and need to create an account, select Start Here and go to Step 2 
 Step 2) Create your account
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If you are a new user and did not authenticate with "Google", then check your email. You will have to click on a link within it to verify your email address.
Step 3) Select eraw2021 under Unjoined Events
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Step 4) Press Join eraw2021and then confirm
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Step 5) Press Join this event space
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Step 6) Press Ticket
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Step 7) Press Get a ticket
Step 8) Select redeem it here
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Step 9) Enter your coupon code
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Looking forward to seeing you at ERAW 2021!!