Douglas E. Forster

Japan Women's University


Prof. Forster has been teaching content-based EFL in the Department of English at Japan Women's University since 1997, after serving as the Freshmen English Coordinator at Asia University for five years. He earned his BA and MA in English at Humboldt State University and PhD in Media Studies from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, UK. He serves as an associate editor for the online extensive reading website,, established and run by co-presenter Prof. Joseph Poulshock.


Internet & E-media A 10-Point Guide for Big, Easy Reading Programs more

Sat, Aug 14, 15:40-16:30 Asia/Tokyo

Research clearly shows that your learners can effectively download English into their brains by extensive (BIG) and EASY reading. The presenters will share a 10-Point guide for doing so with online extensive reading, but this guide works for any reading system, and with any class, group, company, or school.

Douglas E. Forster Joseph Poulshock