Sepideh Alavi

New Language Solutions


Sepideh is a Content Developer/ Trainer / Online Mentor at New Language Solutions, Canada. She has been an ESL/EFL instructor and university lecturer since 1992 and has been activiely involved with ESL extensive reading since 2010. She has taught in a variety of contexts ranging form private schools to colleges and universities in Iran and Canada. She has extensive experience with adult language education and is passionate about using technology to enhance language learning.


Theoretical issues Implementing an Extensive Reading Program in Settlement Language Training Courses: Challenges and Solutions more

Sat, Aug 14, 18:25-19:15 Asia/Tokyo

In this session, the presenter will explore possible reasons why ER has been overlooked in the settlement language training sector in Canada, and suggest ways to remove obstacles and incorporate a program that is both practical and relevant to stakeholders, instructors and learners.

Sepideh Alavi