Lhaksmita Anandari

Sanata Dharma University


I'm an English lecturer at the English Education Department, Sanata Dharma University. I'm also the vice-chair of the Indonesian Extensive Reading Association (IERA). My research interests are literacy education, extensive reading, and language skills.


ER without Graded Readers Let’s Talk About “Sadness”: Lessons From the Virtual Book Club Activity more

Sat, Aug 14, 13:35-14:25 Asia/Tokyo

Virtual Book Club can be a means for readers to be engaged with the story through group discussions. Talking about the book with other readers can give them the opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings with the hope that they will perceive reading as a meaningful activity.

Lhaksmita Anandari Thomas W.P. Mukti Thomas Wahyu Prabowo Mukti

Program set-up Setting up ER Program to Empower Community: A Story from IERA more

Sat, Aug 14, 11:05-11:25 Asia/Tokyo

The presentation aims at sharing best practices and showing opportunities of setting up ER programs in challenging circumstances like in Indonesia. It is hoped that what IERA has done could inspire other communities that plan to set up ER programs in their respective places.

Yuseva Iswandari Lhaksmita Anandari