Soo Kim



I'm an EFL teacher, editor, writer, and teacher trainer. I hold a Master of TESOL from Victoria University of Wellington. I work for e-future, a Korean publishing company, where I'm involved with developing various ELT titles, teacher training, and international projects.


Class readers Comic Readers in the EFL Classroom? Yes, of course! more

Fri, Aug 13, 11:10-11:30 Asia/Tokyo

Are you looking for fun and easy reading materials for your students? Have you ever thought about using comic readers with your students? e-future's Graded Comic Readers are fun and engaging stories designed to help EFL students improve their overall English language abilities. Your students will have fun and gain confidence as they learn new vocabulary and grammar, while improving their reading, speaking, and listening skills. Comic Readers not only help students become successful language learners, but also allow student to develop a positive association with reading. This session will 1) introduce e-future's Graded Comic Readers, 2) explain the benefits of using comic readers and 3) provide activity ideas for comic readers.

Soo Kim