Denise Ozdeniz

Higher Colleges of Technology


As an individual, a teacher and a parent, I have been interested in reading for a long time as the foundations on independent, life long learning. I have taught in pre-school up to tertiary level and over 36 years of teaching have found that most students love stories.


Student-made reading materials Leading into Extensive Reading through Storytelling more

Sun, Aug 15, 17:00-17:45 Asia/Tokyo

The presentation aims to recount how reluctant readers in a UAE higher education institution were lead into extensive reading (ER) through an online storytelling activity where students read graded readers aloud whilst recording themselves in a Zoom meeting. This was then shared on a Microsoft Stream channel for viewing outside the classroom. The project was devised to foster language and social entrepreneurial skills as well as motivating students to read extensively.

Denise Ozdeniz Helene Demirci