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Comprehensible Input Hypothesis University Session

The application of the Coverage Comprehension Model

Sat, Aug 14, 17:30-18:15 Asia/Tokyo Day 3

The Coverage Comprehension Model (CCM) describes how learners who know >95-98% or more of the tokens within a text are likely to comprehend it. This presentation explains how the operationalization of the CCM is based on four assumptions that research suggests are incorrect. Teachers and researchers will benefit from understanding this.

  • Stuart McLean

    Stuart McLean (TESOL Ph.D., Medical Ph.D., & P.G.C.E) teaches at Momoyama Gakuin University. He greatly enjoys post-graduate teaching and supervision. He has published in Studies in Second Language Accusation, Reading in a Foreign Language, Vocabulary Learning and Instruction, Language Teaching Research, TESOL Quarterly, Applied Linguistics, Language Testing, System, and Language Assessment Quarterly.