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Languages other than English University Session

Japanese Extensive Reading: Aesthetic and Efferent Engagement of Learners with Texts

Sat, Aug 14, 11:30-11:50 Asia/Tokyo Day 3

Grammar translation teaching styles in Japanese courses influence Japanese learners to conceive of reading as translating the propositional content of texts. However when reading extensively, learners may adopt different reading styles and patterns of behaviour, indicating that ER can enable students to develop more natural, normal ways of reading.

  • Kimberley Rothville

    Kimberley Rothville holds a first-class MA (Applied Linguistics) from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and is currently studying towards a PhD. Her research examines Japanese language acquisition and extensive reading, with a particular focus on vocabulary, reading comprehension, attitude, and motivation. Her research interest in Japanese language acquisition stems from her four years spent teaching English in Japan which gave her an opportunity to consider the different situations of second and foreign language learners, in terms of her students and her own Japanese language acquisition, and rethink some of the ways in which foreign languages are approached in the classroom.