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Affect & Motivation All Learners Will be recorded

Six Content Elements that Motivate Learners to Read

Fri, Aug 13, 13:20-13:40 Asia/Tokyo Day 2

To motivate learners, reading content must instill genuine interest. We need to feel a connection to the material which makes us want to find out more. This paves the way for a lifelong, sustainable - and enjoyable - reading habit. In this session, featuring examples from National Geographic Learning graded readers, we will discover six elements that inspire English learners to go beyond a superficial glance at a passage to explore and analyze the text.


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  • Will Laschet

    Will Laschet is a DELTA qualified teacher and trainer from the UK. Based in Singapore, he is the Teacher Trainer, Asia at National Geographic Learning. He has been teaching English since 2001 and has worked with all segments in private language schools, public schools, and universities. He has conducted training sessions throughout Asia and further afield. His interests include teaching online, facilitating student engagement and increasing motivation, encouraging student autonomy and using technology as a learning tool.