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13th to 15th August 2021 with workshops on 12th and 16th.

An online event hosted by the Extensive Reading Foundation

This event came about as a stepping stone towards the Sixth Extensive Reading World Congress, (ERWC6) which has been rescheduled for August, 2022 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

We have tried to develop a well-rounded, representative program that addresses issues related to all levels and styles of Extensive Reading. Rather than running concurrently, each session will begin in the main conference room. Breakout rooms will be available for discussions with presenters or with other attendees.

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Event: Asia/Tokyo Outline

Paul Nation

  • Sunday 14:00 Asia / Tokyo

    Extensive reading can achieve many learning goals besides being a very enjoyable pastime. In this talk I focus on vocabulary learning, considering what vocabulary knowledge needs to occur before extensive reading and how extensive reading can contribute to vocabulary learning.

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    2021 Language Learner Literature Awards

    Every year the Extensive Reading FOundation recognizes the best new worlds of langauge learner literature in English. From books published in 2020, the ERF judges selected 17 titles. Students and teachers from around the world have been voting on them and the winners will be announced after the Plenary.