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The Impact of Online Extracurricular Extensive Reading Activities on Indonesian University Students’ Reading Habits and Attitudes #1584

Sun, Aug 15, 09:30-09:50 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 4

Through a RELO U.S. Embassy Jakarta program, Rachel S. Wang conducted extracurricular synchronous online extensive reading activities with Indonesian university students. She read books aloud, designed creative tasks, and had students create their own picture books. Survey data shows students’ reading habits and attitudes improved after completing these online activities.

What ER brings out in us: a comparative study of two Thai universities #1660

Sun, Aug 15, 10:00-10:20 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 4

The study aims to investigate whether extensive reading (ER) can promote university students’ English reading motivation and foster positive attitude towards reading in English. It further explores the teachers’ perceptions of and the challenges faced in the implementation of ER activities. An ER program was held for eight weeks at two public universities in Thailand. Teacher’s observation and student’s log were applied to collect some insightful data. After the ER program ended, focus group interview were conducted with some students randomly and six lecturers from the participating schools who were involved in the ER program. The majority of the students from both institutions expressed positive attitudes towards the ER program. However, students with different knowledge levels of English expressed diverse opinions regarding ER practice and expectation towards English test achievement. While most of the lecturers realized the usefulness of ER, some of them were still worried about the time consuming and extra workload. Although the reflection on ER was varied in some aspects, there was a consensus about the benefits of ER in promoting English language learning among learners and teachers. Therefore, the study suggested to some degree the plausibility of implementing ER in the country like Thailand where ER is not well known.

Xreading: What’s New and What’s Next #1605

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Sun, Aug 15, 10:30-11:15 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 4

Xreading is an online library that gives students access to thousands of graded readers and allows instructors to track their students’ reading progress. In this presentation, the founder of Xreading will explain the new features and improvements, and review what is planned for the future.

Improving the combination of Intensive and Extensive Approach by Extensive Readers Club project #1576

Sun, Aug 15, 11:30-11:50 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 4

this presentation will share the finding of pilot project implementation of extensive reading clubs. steps of the project, methodology of measurement on 300 selected readers in 17 different provinces and districts. final report of the project implementation raised extensive readers voice to decision makers to expand English class inputs and combination of IR and ER.

ERF Affiliates Report #1656

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Sun, Aug 15, 12:00-12:50 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 4

This is an open session for ERF Affiliate members, those considering starting and ERF Affiliate, and the general public. In this session, the ERF Affiliate liaison will then present the ERFs vision for the future. Then, one member from each ERF affiliate is expected to present a 3-5 minute report on their activities since the last meeting and will mention any upcoming events. Affiliate representatives will be given time to discuss together about how to cooperate in the future, and to ask questions. It is hoped that the Chairs of each affiliate would then give some advice to those who are hoping to form an Affiliate.

Harvest Growth, Seeding the Future #1687

Sun, Aug 15, 12:05-12:50 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 4

Report on the activities of PERC.

Get to know your local ER Association #1685

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Sun, Aug 15, 13:00-13:50 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 4

This session will be an open platform for attendees to learn about their local ER associations, in many regions of the world. Come and join them to learn more about the ER community in your area. Each association will have their own breakout room. These include PERC China (Publink Extensive Reading Club), MERA (the Mongolian Extensive Reading Association), IERA (the Indonesian Extensive Reading Association), JALT-ERSig (the Extensive Reading Special Interest group of JALT), TEERA (the Taiwan English Extensive Reading Association); MENA (the Middle-east and North African Extensive Reading Association), KEERA (the Korean Extensive Reading Association); JERA (the Japan Extensive Reading Association); and the forming groups in Thailand, Vietnam, Ethiopia, the UK. There will also be a breakout room for people interested in starting their own ER Association. Some ERF board members will be there to advise.

If not now, when? It’s Thailand’s turn to be on the extensive reading map! #1664

Sun, Aug 15, 13:05-13:50 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 4

We are well aware that providing opportunities to our students to read extensively for pleasure can help them develop their language proficiency. It is, however, quite unfortunate that such an awareness is rather limited to only a few groups of teachers. So far in Thailand, the implementation of ER programs has been an individual teachers’ effort. It is likely that the existence and continuation of ER will remain at the individual teachers’ level as long as there is no official association or organization that consistently promotes ER throughout the country, and gathers ER advocates to help push ER to be integrated as part of the formal curriculum throughout Thailand. Although several attempts to convince university lecturers to form an official affiliate in Thailand have been made, up to now an ER association has not been set up. However, this is going to change. In this presentation, we will unveil the vision of the soon-to-be Thailand Extensive Reading Association (TERA) and invite ideas from the audience on how to build interest in ER in Thailand.

Get To Know PERC #1688

Sun, Aug 15, 13:05-13:50 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 4

PERC up with Extensive Reading

Get to Know MENA ERF (Middle East and North Africa) #1689

Sun, Aug 15, 13:05-13:50 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 4

During this session, representatives from the MENA ERF will provide an overview of their activities and the extent to which others are welcomed to become involved.

Get to know TEERA (Taiwan English Extensive Reading Association) #1691

Sun, Aug 15, 13:05-13:50 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 4

An informal discussion about how to implement and assess an ER program.

Extensive reading and vocabulary learning – before and during reading #1616


Sun, Aug 15, 14:00-15:00 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 4

Extensive reading can achieve many learning goals besides being a very enjoyable pastime. In this talk I focus on vocabulary learning, considering what vocabulary knowledge needs to occur before extensive reading and how extensive reading can contribute to vocabulary learning.

As part of the knowledge needed when extensive reading begins, I look at word part knowledge and knowledge of how to learn and how these contribute to reading and vocabulary learning. Vocabulary learning during extensive reading is most effective if learners read at the right level because this allows the conditions of repetition, retrieval, varied meetings and elaboration to occur. If learners know how to manage their reading, they can increase their vocabulary knowledge, their reading skill and their fluency in reading.

2021 Language Learner Literature Awards #1705

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Award Ceremony

Sun, Aug 15, 15:00-15:20 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 4

Join us to find the winners of the Language Learner Literature Awards, celebrating the best books of the last year. The categories are: Very Young Learners; Young Learners; Adult and Adolescents: Beginners; Adult and Adolescents: Intermediate; and Adult and Adolescents: Upper intermediate and Advanced.

Reading for Beginners #1554

Sun, Aug 15, 15:30-15:50 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 4

How to acquaint Educators and Parents on teaching beginners how to read in a fun and easier way.

Write your own original Graded Reader story! #1768

Sun, Aug 15, 15:55-16:15 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 4

Do you have an original story to tell? Could it work as a Graded Reader for teenage learners of English? Join this session with a Commissioning Editor from Oxford University Press to see if your idea is interesting enough to take forward.

How to Motivate Students Through Reading Marathon #1585

Sun, Aug 15, 16:05-16:55 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 4

This session will give brief summary of how to manage and organize a mass reading competition called Reading Marathon.

An ER Program in a Large Class in Middle School #1548

Sun, Aug 15, 16:10-17:00 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 4

We'd like to share with you how we practiced extensive reading in a public middle school in China since 2019. The presentation is mainly about how we organize the program and what we have achieved.

Student Reactions to Extensive Listening with Class Readers and a Virtual Library #1577

Sun, Aug 15, 16:30-16:50 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 4

This presentation will cover how Japanese university students responded to a year-long extensive listening curriculum. This presentation will be of interest to teachers who are considering either implementing extensive listening, using a set of class readers, and/or using a virtual library such as Xreading.

Leading into Extensive Reading through Storytelling #1593

Sun, Aug 15, 17:00-17:45 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 4

The presentation aims to recount how reluctant readers in a UAE higher education institution were lead into extensive reading (ER) through an online storytelling activity where students read graded readers aloud whilst recording themselves in a Zoom meeting. This was then shared on a Microsoft Stream channel for viewing outside the classroom. The project was devised to foster language and social entrepreneurial skills as well as motivating students to read extensively.

What Makes a Reader Read On? #1553

Sun, Aug 15, 18:00-18:45 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 4

How to write a graded reader that engages and encourages the reader to read on.

Cancelled Extensive Reading in L2: Potential of Using LARA Assisted Reading Platform for Increasing Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition #1557

Sun, Aug 15, 19:00-19:20 Asia/Tokyo CANCELLED

The paper provides an overview of a unique on-line open source e-reading platform, LARA, and offers an insight into the early user feedback on their reading experience.

Test Session #1766

Sun, Aug 15, 19:00-08:50 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 5

You can join this session to check you have the correct access, and check your zoom connection is working. Please don't be shocked if somebody else is there!