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Reading ability Junior and Senior High School Q and A for pre-recorded video

An ER Program in a Large Class in Middle School

Sun, Aug 15, 16:10-17:00 Asia/Tokyo Day 4

We'd like to share with you how we practiced extensive reading in a public middle school in China since 2019. The presentation is mainly about how we organize the program and what we have achieved.


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An ER Program in a Large Class in Middle School

  • Wu Guihua

    Wu Guihua has been an English teacher in public schools for nearly 30 years. She is experienced in designing curricula based on standardise syllabi and helping students prepare for the Senior High School Entrance Exam. In recent years, Ms Wu started to recommend Extensive Reading as a new learning method to students and also practice ER in her daily teaching activities. She is exploring the compatibility of ER with the standardised exams as well as big-size classes. She has been researched on various ER assessment tests and reading materials, aiming to design the most suitable ER strategies for her students. Ms Wu has also been active in communications within the ER community. She went to Taiwan for the 5th ERAW in 2019, and was invited as the main speaker to share her ER practice experience during seminars organised by PERC.