Amarjargal Zina

Mongolian Extensive Reading Association, NGO


I am a presenter of MERA (Mongolian Extensive Reading Association). Here, I will represent MERA on National Facilitator Seminar for ER in Mongolia.


How to . . . The Experience Sharing Practices of Extensive Reading Teachers in Mongolia more

Fri, Aug 13, 17:20-17:40 Asia/Tokyo

A total of 50 secondary school English Teacher involved in Experience sharing practical training to expand their extensive reading performances at 17 different provinces and districts of Mongolia. These participants, who have been teaching English at public and private schools were asked to 5 different exercising group “How to invest extensive reading in the remote country local school”, “How to combine the curriculum and extensive reading activities”, “How to motivate the graded readers”, “How to invest extensive reader at local school” and “How to integrate English readers to other subjects at school”. For the exercise groups, the instruction time was four-day-experiments for seeking the best practices how to expand Extensive Reading approach among other English teachers those not using extensive reading tools. Four-day-experience sharing practical training later, listened 15-minute micro training presentations from each group and questions, clarification and feedback on each presentation. The major findings are as follows: 1) Extensive reading invested by local school alumna, 2) Extra curricula and school activities maximized by extensive reading clubs. The results of this experience sharing, 14 the best practitioners were recognized to coach other new instructors to perform extensive reading approach in Mongolia.

Amarjargal Zina

How to . . . Get to know MERA (Mongolian Extensive Reading Association more

Sun, Aug 15, 13:05-13:50 Asia/Tokyo

Meet the Mongolian Extensive Reading Association.

Amarjargal Zina

How to . . . Get to know your local ER Association more

Sun, Aug 15, 13:00-13:50 Asia/Tokyo

This session will be an open platform for attendees to learn about their local ER associations, in many regions of the world. Come and join them to learn more about the ER community in your area. Each association will have their own breakout room. These include PERC China (Publink Extensive Reading Club), MERA (the Mongolian Extensive Reading Association), IERA (the Indonesian Extensive Reading Association), JALT-ERSig (the Extensive Reading Special Interest group of JALT), TEERA (the Taiwan English Extensive Reading Association); MENA (the Middle-east and North African Extensive Reading Association), KEERA (the Korean Extensive Reading Association); JERA (the Japan Extensive Reading Association); and the forming groups in Thailand, Vietnam, Ethiopia, the UK. There will also be a breakout room for people interested in starting their own ER Association. Some ERF board members will be there to advise.

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