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How to . . . All Learners Session

Get to know your local ER Association

Sun, Aug 15, 13:00-13:50 Asia/Tokyo Day 4
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This session will be an open platform for attendees to learn about their local ER associations, in many regions of the world. Come and join them to learn more about the ER community in your area. Each association will have their own breakout room. These include PERC China (Publink Extensive Reading Club), MERA (the Mongolian Extensive Reading Association), IERA (the Indonesian Extensive Reading Association), JALT-ERSig (the Extensive Reading Special Interest group of JALT), TEERA (the Taiwan English Extensive Reading Association); MENA (the Middle-east and North African Extensive Reading Association), KEERA (the Korean Extensive Reading Association); JERA (the Japan Extensive Reading Association); and the forming groups in Thailand, Vietnam, Ethiopia, the UK. There will also be a breakout room for people interested in starting their own ER Association. Some ERF board members will be there to advise.

  • Rob Waring

    Dr. Rob Waring, is Professor at Notre Dame Seishin University in Okayama. He has published over 80 articles and has given hundreds of lectures, plenaries and featured speaker presentations in 32 countries. He is an Executive Board member of the Extensive Reading Foundation. He is also author and series editor of a six series of graded readers and has recently published Teaching Extensive Reading in Another Language with Paul Nation.

  • Fenty Lidya Siregar

    I am an English teacher from Indonesia. At this moment I am also the chair of Indonesian Extensive Reading Association.

  • Irene Li

    PERC 泛读俱乐部(henceforth the Club) is an industry platform founded by Publink (the Founding Company) and participated in by English teaching institutions and teachers on their free will. The Club’s goal is to establish a communications platform for the extensive reading industry, to promote the industry’s healthy development, and to advance the industry’s international development.

  • Atsuko Takase

    She has taught ER and EL to high school and university students over 25 years, and has been teaching elementary school children EL and ER for five years. She has found that an abundance of listening and reading input from EL and ER before learning grammar or translation is highly likely to be effective for elementary school children to improve their English proficiency.

  • Michael McCollister

    I am recently retired from Feng Chia University and helped to set up and direct our ER program in 2006. TEERA was founded in 2017, and though our size remains small our commitment to promoting extensive reading remains mighty.

  • Mintra Puripunyavanich

    Mintra is a full-time lecturer at Chulalongkorn University Language Institute. She administers an extensive reading program which involves over 5,000 freshmen and 60 teachers. Her research interests include extensive reading, materials development, and ESP.

  • Sumiya Dulamtsoo

    My name is Sumiya Dulamtsoo. I'm participating in ERAW2021 from Mongolia. I teach English and practice ER in my daily teaching practice. I'm on of the co-founder of the company called Lingors which promotes extensive reading in teaching and learning English as well as work as a distributor company for Xreading Virtual Library in Mongolia. Lingors not only work as a mere distributor company for Xreading VL but also it works to promote ER through organizing Reading Marathon(a special competition that let people read certain number of books to reach their personal goals in the Reading Marathon) on regular basis. It establishes the foundation for growth environment for ER in Mongolia.

  • Tom Le Seelleur

    EAP Lecturer at the English Language Department at KFUPM in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Setting up a volunteer based, not for profit social enterprise to launch in January 2022 to Build a Nation of Readers in KSA.

  • Abdurahman

    Abdurahman Ahmed is an assistant professor at Woldia University, Ethiopia. He is an expert in ER. He has given presentations in various national as well as international conferences. Besides, he is an author of children storybooks. Currently, he is the chair of the Ethiopian Extensive Reading Association (EERA), and he has been doing a lot to promote ER in Africa in general and in Ethiopia in particular.

  • Ann Mayeda

    JALT Extensive Reading SIG Coordinator

  • Amarjargal Zina

    I am a presenter of MERA (Mongolian Extensive Reading Association). Here, I will represent MERA on National Facilitator Seminar for ER in Mongolia.