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Reading materials Our Road in Practicing ER in China: Background, Practice and Reflections more

Fri, Aug 13, 16:05-16:55 Asia/Tokyo

This session looks at the background of Practicing ER in China and asks why it is difficult to set up an ER program in China. Problems and Solutions include: how to choose reading materials; how to guide students to find books at the right level and how to assess. We will also reflect on how to Run ER program in the Future.

PERC Kathy Xu May Yang Irene Li

How to . . . Harvest Growth, Seeding the Future more

Sun, Aug 15, 12:05-12:50 Asia/Tokyo

Report on the activities of PERC.

Irene Li PERC

How to . . . Get To Know PERC more

Sun, Aug 15, 13:05-13:50 Asia/Tokyo

PERC up with Extensive Reading

Irene Li PERC