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Contradictory Info on Graded Reader levels. Which do we Believe? #1569

Fri, Aug 13, 09:30-09:50 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 2

Graded Readers are supposedly "graded" according to their difficulty. While the grading may be internally consistent for a specific publisher, comparing even a few of the most popular series shows that books with identical headword counts can be labelled at widely different levels. Background info and suggestions will be offered.

Transitioning a University Extensive Reading Program from Print to Digital Books: M-Reader to Xreading #1575

Fri, Aug 13, 12:55-13:15 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 2

This paper reports on the transition from physical to digital books in a university-wide extensive reading program in Japan. Not only will students’ learning outcomes and responses to their online reading experiences be shared, but comparisons of the two learning environments will also be offered: paper-based reading and screen-based reading.

Cancelled Reading novel Assessment: An Initial Study in Implementing Critical Thinking Skills in an Extensive Reading Program Assessment #1549

Fri, Aug 13, 16:00-16:20 Asia/Tokyo CANCELLED

This presentation will show the result of the study of implementing CT skill in novel reading assessment and how it can be helpful to reduce cheating probability

The Ideal MReader Set-Up for Your Kind of School #1570

Sat, Aug 14, 12:20-13:05 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 3

MReader is free software, offered by the Extensive Reading Foundation that allows students and teachers to track their reading of over 8000 published readers in a gamified and motivating fashion. We will discuss how to tailor MReader for your specific educational context.

Xreading: What’s New and What’s Next #1605

Visit the XReading page
Sun, Aug 15, 10:30-11:15 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 4

Xreading is an online library that gives students access to thousands of graded readers and allows instructors to track their students’ reading progress. In this presentation, the founder of Xreading will explain the new features and improvements, and review what is planned for the future.