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Comic Readers in the EFL Classroom? Yes, of course! #1703

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Fri, Aug 13, 11:10-11:30 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 2

Are you looking for fun and easy reading materials for your students? Have you ever thought about using comic readers with your students? e-future's Graded Comic Readers are fun and engaging stories designed to help EFL students improve their overall English language abilities. Your students will have fun and gain confidence as they learn new vocabulary and grammar, while improving their reading, speaking, and listening skills. Comic Readers not only help students become successful language learners, but also allow student to develop a positive association with reading. This session will 1) introduce e-future's Graded Comic Readers, 2) explain the benefits of using comic readers and 3) provide activity ideas for comic readers.

A Task Based Approach to Creating Effective Reading Circle Activities #1544

Fri, Aug 13, 12:25-12:45 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 2

This presentation will give the results of the instructor’s experience designing tasks for Reading Circles built on multiple copies of the same set of Graded Readers in a modified ER-based program. The presentation will explore a number of activities including reports that target vocabulary acquisition and integrate online digital tools

Using Graded Reader with Young Learners to explore Targets of the UN SDGs. #1710

Fri, Aug 13, 16:00-16:50 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 2

Extensive Reading means children engage with a text for a longer time, in a deeper way. Reading about children of their own age who have adventures related to the Sustainable Development Goals can awaken their curiosity too. This video will explore some practical, fun ways of encouraging this.

Literature in secondary EFL class: Case studies of four experienced teachers’ reading programmes in China #1579

Fri, Aug 13, 18:10-18:55 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 2

To explore the integration of literature into secondary EFL teaching, this exploratory multiple case study investigates four reading programmes implemented by experienced teachers in Chinse secondary schools. Data were collected from teachers’ reflective journals, semi-structured interviews, and related documents and artefacts. Implications are discussed in relation to teacher education.

An Investigation of EFL Students' Perceptions of their Extensive Reading and Flow Experience #1560

Fri, Aug 13, 19:30-19:50 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 2

This study investigated the students’ perception of their extensive reading and flow experience (FE) including conditions that enabled FE.

Student Reactions to Extensive Listening with Class Readers and a Virtual Library #1577

Sun, Aug 15, 16:30-16:50 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 4

This presentation will cover how Japanese university students responded to a year-long extensive listening curriculum. This presentation will be of interest to teachers who are considering either implementing extensive listening, using a set of class readers, and/or using a virtual library such as Xreading.