Mongolian ER Association (MERA)

About Mongolian ER Association (MERA)

Extensive Reading has been introduced to Mongolians since June,2018 while the Xreading VL was starting to serve to the readers in Mongolia. Incredibly, is known by Lingors company's challenges and reading marathons. The readers including secondary school students and teachers are need of trainings, seminars, discussions and workshops on extensive reading while they are doing intensive English program at schools. Therefore, Mongolian Extensive Reading Association (MERA) is a local non-government organization established for education, agrees with membership and sets up its regulations, key activities, organizational culture and structure in the country. The members and supporters are growing thus from executives established four sectors namely; I) Education & Study, II) Relationship & Partnership, III) Media & Public Engagement, IV) Finance & Fund and each sector leader and members officially recognized. Plan of actions are introduced to executive director and attached with MERA actions to do. 14 National Facilitators, 30 Data Analysts are key representatives into district and province levels to introduce MERA and Extensive Readers Modeling Club piloting project implementation

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