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Reading ability Junior and Senior High School Will be recorded

Improving the combination of Intensive and Extensive Approach by Extensive Readers Club project

Sun, Aug 15, 11:30-11:50 Asia/Tokyo Day 4

this presentation will share the finding of pilot project implementation of extensive reading clubs. steps of the project, methodology of measurement on 300 selected readers in 17 different provinces and districts. final report of the project implementation raised extensive readers voice to decision makers to expand English class inputs and combination of IR and ER.


Combination ER & IR

Download PDF: Combination ER & IR

Here is to express about ER & IR approach how to combine especially second language learners. And we want to share some ideas how working on our students and getting some advice from you.

Combination ER & IR

Download PDF: Combination ER & IR

Three steps for the piloting; 1) Identify experienced secondary school English teachers who wanted to involve their students’ inputs and progress through extensive reading, 2) Select 300 students who want to continue extensive reading program in urban and rural 3) compile the data from these 300 readers and define the key factors which can influence to expand Intensive and Extensive Reading combinations in both public and private secondary education of English. The entire project was the measurements of monitoring and tracking changes of the readers based on Xreading VL Learning Management System and qualitative methodology. The findings of the piloting project are to raise 1) paper based assessments report to decision makers, 2) 300 students data evidence to professional on English best learnings, 3) 300 parents and community members accepted and agrees significant changes of reading, listening and speaking skills of English learning. The result, the project recognized among hundreds of English teachers because Institute for Teachers Development the State agency agreed to share Extensive Reading practices at the yearly seminars.

Combination ER & IR approach

Recording of Presentation

  • Tsagaan Banzragch

    Tsagaan Banzragch, an English teacher at school#18 in Darkhan. An instructor for Extensive Readers Modeling Club.