Sessions / Learner autonomy

Developing Reader Identity Through Xreading: A Case Study of EFL University Students’ Perceptions #1589

Sat, Aug 14, 09:00-09:20 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 3

This presentation addresses how Indonesian university students perceived themselves developing their reader identity through xreading and its follow-up activities. The presentation uses the perspective of literacy as social practice. Preliminary data from survey indicates that students' constructions of reading and being a reader have evolved throughout the online extensive reading.

Cancelled Promoting Freshmen's Learner Autonomy Through Xreading Program in Higher Education #1601

Sat, Aug 14, 15:35-16:25 Asia/Tokyo CANCELLED

Extensive reading has been proven to have positive effects in improving students’ skills and learner autonomy. Therefore, English department of Universitas Negeri Surabaya continuously conducts ER for freshmen to develop their learning autonomy through X-Reading. It is online-based extensive reading using technology. It shows X-Reading can foster students’ learner autonomy.

The Impact of Online Extracurricular Extensive Reading Activities on Indonesian University Students’ Reading Habits and Attitudes #1584

Sun, Aug 15, 09:30-09:50 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 4

Through a RELO U.S. Embassy Jakarta program, Rachel S. Wang conducted extracurricular synchronous online extensive reading activities with Indonesian university students. She read books aloud, designed creative tasks, and had students create their own picture books. Survey data shows students’ reading habits and attitudes improved after completing these online activities.