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Extensive Listening All Learners Workshop

ER practice through a Reading Marathon

Mon, Aug 16, 12:00-13:30 Asia/Tokyo Day 5

This workshop will assist you to find motivation for reading and create enjoyable reading practice through Reading Marathon.



  • Sumiya Dulamtsoo

    My name is Sumiya Dulamtsoo. I'm participating in ERAW2021 from Mongolia. I teach English and practice ER in my daily teaching practice. I'm on of the co-founder of the company called Lingors which promotes extensive reading in teaching and learning English as well as work as a distributor company for Xreading Virtual Library in Mongolia. Lingors not only work as a mere distributor company for Xreading VL but also it works to promote ER through organizing Reading Marathon(a special competition that let people read certain number of books to reach their personal goals in the Reading Marathon) on regular basis. It establishes the foundation for growth environment for ER in Mongolia.