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Assessments in an ER Program: Contradicting the ER Approach?

Sat, Aug 14, 11:55-12:15 Asia/Tokyo Day 3

This presentation will share how alternative assessments can be used as a measurement tool in an ER program without contradicting the nature of ER approach. Some examples will be shared to illustrate the points. It is expected that this session can contribute ideas particularly on assessments in an ER program.


Recording of Presentation

  • Anita Kurniawati Hadiyanto

    Anita Kurniawati Hadiyanto is a lecturer at the English Language Education Program, Faculty of Language and Arts, Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana for eighteen years. She earned her master degree from Atma Jaya Indonesian Catholic University, Jakarta in 2011. She has been teaching Extensive Reading for fifteen years. Her research interests include extensive reading, teacher professional development and teaching English to young learners.