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Writing Junior and Senior High School Will be recorded

How Does Extensive Reading Help Japanese EFL Learners’ Summary Writing Ability?

Fri, Aug 13, 12:00-12:20 Asia/Tokyo Day 2

The aim of the study is to examine how extensive reading would help Japanese EFL learners to develop summary writing ability. The results indicated that the ER group developed their ability to provide more detailed description of a story with a clearer sequence of events than their counterparts.


Recording of presentation

  • Kiyomi Yoshizawa

    Kiyomi Yoshizawa has been teaching English as a foreign language in Japan. Her research interests include reading in a foreign language, extensive reading, and language testing. Her current research focuses on the effects of extensive reading on the development of reading comprehension, fluency, and grammatical knowledge, and on reading-writing connections.

  • Atsuko Takase

    She has taught ER and EL to high school and university students over 25 years, and has been teaching elementary school children EL and ER for five years. She has found that an abundance of listening and reading input from EL and ER before learning grammar or translation is highly likely to be effective for elementary school children to improve their English proficiency.

  • Kyoko Otsuki

    Kyoko has been teaching teaching English in Japan. Her expertese lies in grammar and pragmatics.