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Reading speed Junior and Senior High School Session

Action Research into Reading Activities for Building Motivation and Skills

Fri, Aug 13, 14:10-14:30 Asia/Tokyo Day 2

This short presentation reports on action research into the baseline reading profiles of students and factors that may have impacted on learners’ past reading experiences. A reading project with graded reading, timed reading, and Reader’s Theatre was introduced to build skills and motivation for low proficiency university freshmen in Japan.

  • Greg Rouault

    Greg Rouault is currently an Associate Professor at Hiroshima Shudo University in Japan, where he has been teaching EFL for over 20 years to a variety of learners, ages and proficiency levels in a wide range of contexts (conversation classes, 4-skills courses, content-based curricula, EAP/ESP, and business English for company employees). Greg has a Master of Applied Linguistics with a specialty in Language Program Management from Macquarie University and conducts research in business communication and ER.