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ER and Reading Targets - An Investigation into the Rationale behind Teachers’ Choices

Fri, Aug 13, 14:35-14:55 Asia/Tokyo Day 2

Deciding reading targets is often an important aspect of planning an ER program. However, little is known regarding teachers’ rationale behind those choices. In this presentation, the authors will attempt to shed light on those reasons based on the results of a qualitative study.


ER and Reading Targets

Download PDF: ER and Reading Targets

ER reading target rationales questionnaire

If you are interested in sharing how and why you grade your ER components the way you do, please feel free to respond to this questionnaire.

Recording of Presentation

  • Andre Parsons

    Andre is an associate professor at Hokkaido University of Education in Hakodate. His areas of interest include learner autonomy, language learning beyond the classroom, social learning spaces, advising in language learning, and extensive reading and listening. He is currently membership co-chair for the ER SIG.

  • Pat Conaway

    Pat Conaway has recently started working in a new position where he teaches students in the intensive English track as well as some general education classes. The university does not have an extensive reading program, but he tries to incorporate it into all of his classes. Rather than have reading stand alone separately, reading is used to support in-class activities and group projects with the aim of increasing students' engagement with their books.