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How to . . . All Learners Session

Experiencing ER in Thailand

Fri, Aug 13, 15:25-15:45 Asia/Tokyo Day 2

Extensive Reading has yet to gain popular support in Thailand and is not widely implemented at the high school level. This presentation will describe the realities of setting up, running, and managing an Extensive Reading Project and integrating it into the curriculum to form a fundamental base in the instruction of English. After 5 years we will demonstrate the scores our students achieve in comparison to other Thai schools in the national O-Net tests, and progression over the years through the annual Oxford Online Placement Test that students take. We will conduct a survey about student attitude toward reading at the end of July 2021 just before the conference to give an up-to-date reflection from students about their feelings toward reading in general and extensive reading in particular. There will also be a reflection from teachers about implementing XReading as a tool when the COVID pandemic forced a move away from physical copies of books and the use of the MReader website.

  • Simon Whitaker

    I am the Head of ESL at a K-12 school in Bangkok, Thailand. We are an alternative school that studies all subjects apart from ESL in Thai. I am very passionate about Extensive Reading and have introduced a challenging program that benefits our high school students.