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Reading materials Young Learners Workshop

Tips and Ideas for Phonics Readers in the Classroom

Thu, Aug 12, 14:00-15:30 Asia/Tokyo Day 1

Do you use phonics readers in your class? Discover some tips and ideas on how to use them with your students. With e-future's Smart Phonics Readers, students will be given a gentle first step into reading for all beginning readers.


Presentation Recording

  • Gari Funiestas

    Gari is an EFL teacher, editor, consultant and teacher trainer. He obtained a Master’s of Education in International Teaching from Framingham State University. He taught elementary school English in the Korean public school system for over 6 years in Seoul, South Korea. He has joined e-future and works with the International team, where he helps teachers both in South Korea and various other countries around the world obtain valuable insight and tips to become better teachers.