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Internet & E-media University Session

Japanese University Students’ Attitudes Towards Extensive Reading in the Digital Age

Fri, Aug 13, 19:00-19:20 Asia/Tokyo Day 2

With the ubiquitous use of digital devices, it would seem that a technological solution to ER may be just as beneficial as a paper-based approach. Hence, this mixed-methods research project looks at how first-year Japanese EFL university students experienced a yearlong, technologically-assisted extensive reading curriculum in terms of their reading attitudes.


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Jesse Elam -

  • Jesse Elam

    Jesse R. Elam is a Associate Professor at Meiji Gakuin University in Yokohama, Japan. He has lived in Japan and taught in higher education for the past 15 years. His recent research interests are primarily concerned with intercultural competence and sensitivity. However, he has spent the majority of his career researching technology enhanced education and task-based learning in the Japanese EFL setting.

  • Dax Thomas

    Dax Thomas has worked as an EFL instructor in Japan for over twenty years. His interests lay in corpus linguistics, vocabulary, and CLIL. He is a graduate of the University of Birmingham MA TESL/TEFL program and is currently an assistant professor in the Centre for Liberal Arts at Meiji Gakuin University.