Sessions / Internet & E-media

Global Reading Club to Inspire Future Thinkers Around the World #1596

Thu, Aug 12, 11:00-11:55 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 1

Our project promotes extensive reading in English for upper secondary classes around the world. It consists of three phases including video book-report exchanges, live read-aloud sessions, writing workshops, and webinars that raise cultural awareness between participants through collaborative online work. Sharing reading experiences enables teen students to explore themselves and become empathetic and critical thinkers.

Mini-Bibliobattle and Extensive Reading: A Case Study of a Japanese University #1586

Fri, Aug 13, 09:00-09:20 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 2

This study will report a case study of an 8-week-ER class where a maximum of 60 university students will participate in Mini-Bibliobattle. Mini-Bibliobattle refers to a book review battle, where students present their favored book for 3 minutes in their L2 and the listeners decide the best one.

Japanese University Students’ Attitudes Towards Extensive Reading in the Digital Age #1572

Fri, Aug 13, 19:00-19:20 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 2

With the ubiquitous use of digital devices, it would seem that a technological solution to ER may be just as beneficial as a paper-based approach. Hence, this mixed-methods research project looks at how first-year Japanese EFL university students experienced a yearlong, technologically-assisted extensive reading curriculum in terms of their reading attitudes.

Using a Chatbot to Promote Thai Students' Basic Reading Skills #1539

Sat, Aug 14, 13:10-13:30 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 3

In this paper, I explain what a conversation agent (chatbot) is and demonstrate how a story can be adapted and be made flexible through the use of a Dialogflow conversation agent. I shall also present the feedback and opinions of the students who have interacted with the agent on a voluntary basis. Recommendations will also be given.

A 10-Point Guide for Big, Easy Reading Programs #1545

Sat, Aug 14, 15:40-16:30 Asia/Tokyo | LOCATION: Day 3

Research clearly shows that your learners can effectively download English into their brains by extensive (BIG) and EASY reading. The presenters will share a 10-Point guide for doing so with online extensive reading, but this guide works for any reading system, and with any class, group, company, or school.

Cancelled Japanese University Students' Reactions to Using an Online Extensive Reading System #1595

Sat, Aug 14, 16:30-16:50 Asia/Tokyo CANCELLED

This research explored the usage and reactions of 34 second-year Japanese university students enrolled in elective English courses to using the Xreading extensive reading virtual library, quiz and tracking system. Data was collected via an online survey, including Likert-scale and open-ended items, and via the Xreading learning management system.

Cancelled The Road to Extensive Reading: Preparing Students for Online ER #1537

Mon, Aug 16, 16:00-17:30 Asia/Tokyo CANCELLED

In the three-hour workshop (or long paper), first, participants will understand why ER was a meaningful solution in Kurdistan (Iraq). Next, they will use tools to assess what level of reading text students need. Third, they will compare four online ER sites for training students to choose non-fiction texts. Finally they’ll make an ER plan for feedback.